Mini-Niku Ring Series

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Unique single edition carded sets available November 28th at Con Artist Collective Gallery in NYC.

Resin figures, color match cards, mounted on archival black board stock. Blisters are removable, but should be done gently.

It was important that the Tournament Ring series style packaging design shine through. The Katakana/Kanji ミニ肉リング ”mininiku ring” logo was a lot of fun. Katakana characters make awesome entertainment branding. It was also fun to make the Bandai logo mark into “Seandai”.

I hope everyone enjoys all aspects of these pieces.



There is a special chase carded set from the second run of Tamentai Robo’s. This chase set features a hexagonal blister that opens forward. Making the toys more easily accessible, and includes a magnetic Robo figure. Also a one of one.


tournament ring